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Algology-Pain Treatment

Algology-Pain Treatment

What is Algology?

Algology, pain treatment department, is a science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of severe pain, the cause of which cannot be found, as well as all kinds of chronic pain.

Although not limited to cancer pain, headaches, facial pain-neuralgia, neck pain, shoulder-arm pain, back pain, waist-leg pain, pain due to vascular occlusion, pain of unknown origin are treated in this department.

About Algology Treatment

Pain can be examined in two different types, specific to the individual. Pains that are precursors of disease and pains caused by a particular disease. In some cases, the fact that the cause of the pain can not be found can be experienced, which negatively affects life. Algology, known as a treatment method based on the definition and resolution of all pains in a different way for each person, allows the best results to be obtained.

Each individual is eligible for initiation of treatment after their specific examination. Supported by new technologies, algology therapy is always a highly differentiated pain treatment situation. Although it can be used for various pains, it can be evaluated completely individually. Reviewing the pain both before and after the treatment affects the full effect of the algology treatment method.

As the treatment is shaped individually for each patient, it is basically aimed to increase the quality of life. In addition to the possibility of experiencing some problems in daily life due to pain, it is also possible to experience complaints due to pain in certain areas, which is so disturbing. Algology treatment is preferred as one of today's modern and innovative applications.

Pain is a personal experience and requires personalized treatment approaches. After a detailed examination, the most appropriate treatment options for the patient are determined by the pain specialist.

Algology-Interventional Pain Therapy (Interventional pain therapy)

In our clinic, we can treat non-chronic non-malignant pain with today's modern methods. Treatments in our clinic are performed under sedation and local anesthesia, with a day-long hospital stay. We can specify these treatments as follows:

  • Trigger Point injections: It is a method used especially in the pain of syndromes such as muscle-based fibromyalgia, myalgia and fibromyositis, and some migraine-based pains. Treatment is performed with local anesthetic drug injection.
  • Regional nerve and sympathetic nerve blocks are methods used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in various pains, and chemical neurolysis drugs are used for long-acting treatment. A similar application is made to the rib nerves.
  • Epidural and Transforaminal steroid injections: In particular, in lumbar and neck hernia, spinal cord adhesions, nerve inflammations called neuritis, spinal canal stenosis, some post-operative pains, sports injuries, lumbar back traumas, steroid-containing medication is injected into the epidural space that concerns the region under X-ray.
  • Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation: Long-acting treatment can be performed especially in the facet joints of the spine, facet nerves and facial nerves and some limb nerves. With this technique, the nerve is treated by applying heat at 4280 °C.
  • Epiduroscopy application: Pathology is detected directly by eye by entering the spinal canal under X-ray and at the same time, the problem is resolved with laser, RF, adhesion release drug applications and various catheters.
  • Nucleoplasty applications: By entering the discs in the spine with the help of X-ray with various needles, the herniated part is deflated with laser, RF or various drug applications, or by applying 800900 km water pressure per hour, called Percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy, the herniated disc part is fragmented and taken out.
  • Epidural adhesionolysis: It is the process of opening the adhesions formed in the spinal cord membrane with the help of x-rays, various laser, RF and dissolving drug applications and catheters.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: It is the process of stopping the pain by sending current with the help of a permanent battery by placing some electrodes under x-ray into the spinal cord permanently in persistent chronic pain.
  • In Cancer Pains, according to the region of the complaint and the severity of the pain:
  • We try to control all body pains related to non-narcotic or narcotic pain relievers by increasing certain doses. However, in cases where side effects are seen due to these drugs: We can provide effective pain control with Complementary medicine applications. (Acupuncture, Ozone application or Phytotherapy etc.)